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McGuigan Nelson LLP has wound up and the lawyers within it are moving on to new firms.   We look forward to assisting you at our new firms.

If you are an existing client of Kevin McGuigan or wish to reach Kevin McGuigan, you may email him at and his contact phone number is 403-265-7737 (extension 303). 

If you wish to see updates on the class actions on which Kevin McGuigan was lead counsel, please go to and updates will continue to be posted there. 

If you wish to speak to Kevin’s assistant, Jackie, please email her at or call her at (403) 265-7745 (extension 301)

Invictus LLP is a boutique law firm that provides litigation and tax planning and litigation specialization services.  You may contact us at (403) 265-7744 and you may see our services at


If you are an existing client of Byron Nelson you may reach him at (403) 265-7729 or email him at