Justin Brunette

Justin Brunette, B.A., J.D.403.452.7764 | jbrunette@mnllp.ca

Justin Brunette, associate with McGuigan Nelson LLP, joined Byron Nelson and Kevin McGuigan at the firm in September of 2016. Since being called to the bar in 2015, Justin has gained experience at all levels of court in Alberta. He has assisted senior counsel in a wide variety of disputes, including those among businesses and shareholders, employers and former employees, builders and contractors, and a variety of other circumstances. He has represented clients with effective oral advocacy in morning chambers applications, special chambers applications, trial, and commercial chambers for urgent commercial matters. These forums involve flexibility and quick-thinking, and Justin’s record in these applications is excellent.

Prior to joining McGuigan Nelson LLP, Justin gained experience at a medium-sized full-service law firm in a number of areas, including estate administration and litigation, personal injury law, real estate litigation, employment law, corporate/commercial law, and a fairly broad commercial litigation practice.

At McGuigan Nelson LLP, Justin focuses on a wide range of litigation disputes, with a particular focus on contractual litigation, wrongful dismissal litigation, and assisting the partners at McGuigan Nelson LLP with their active securities class actions.

Justin has lived in Calgary for the last 20 years, and completed all of his schooling in Calgary. In 2011, he graduated from the University of Calgary with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. In 2014, he graduated from the University of Calgary Faculty of Law with a Juris Doctor.

Outside of the office, Justin enjoys intramural basketball and dodgeball, and frequents the movie theater for the latest film festival entries and suspense and horror movies.