specialist law firm

McGuigan Nelson LLP is a boutique law firm that specializes in civil litigation, professional negligence, contractual litigation and personal injury. It provides representation at all levels of court in Alberta and British Columbia. MN LLP also provides representation for clients in judicial dispute resolutions, mediations, arbitrations and pre-trial conferences.

Strong Advocacy, Tough Negotiations and Positive Results

By providing exceptional counsel, McGuigan Nelson LLP built successful practices due largely to repeat business and client referrals.

As a result, the firm consistently produces the most beneficial resolution of disputes for its clients through vigorous courtroom representation or forceful negotiations resulting in timely and appropriate settlements. McGuigan and Nelson have built their reputations one client at a time through strong advocacy, tough negotiation and positive results.

More Than Law Firm: a Business Partner

In addition to being skilled litigators, McGuigan Nelson LLP are accomplished entrepreneurs who understand the challenges of building a business. MN LLP makes it a point to know their clients business objectives as well as their own and believes in going the extra mile. MN LLP has assisted clients with business plans, investor presentations, and corporate policy.

MN LLP has also helped clients raise millions of dollars in unconventional financing through various lending institutions. It regularly provides informative seminars for its clients on business issues like, debtor/creditor issues, bankruptcy protection issues and US trade exportation law. MN LLP was even involved with producing a promotion video for a client to help them raise investment.