The Firm

McGuigan Nelson LLP is a boutique law firm that provides strong, results-orientated counsel for the wronged and the injured. MN LLP specializes in civil litigation, professional negligence, contractual litigation and personal injury.

The firm has represented clients in the Provincial Court of Alberta, Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench, Alberta Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court of British Columbia. MN LLP represents many clients in Calgary, Southern Alberta and British Columbia and it operates out of the Mount Royal Village Professional Building on 8th Street S.W. to use as its Calgary headquarters.

Kevin McGuigan has recently had success with several class action law suits related to investor losses in the exempt markets.  Many of these investments that were not successful have not yielded anything for the investors.  Kevin McGuigan has been able to structure settlements that result in investors experiencing some return on their original investment that would otherwise not exist.  Kevin McGuigan also successfully negotiated a resolution of a mortgage based investment loss claim in 1575993 Alberta Inc. v. Axcess Capital Partners Inc..   McGuigan Nelson ran a lengthy and complex trial which resulted in the Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta decision of Soost v. Merrill Lynch Canada Inc. (2009).  The result of the Soost case has implications with how seniority is determined in dismissal cases when someone is recruited to a new employment situation.  The firm also led a successful claim against the BC and Federal Governments on behalf of a Calgary mining company. This suit led to the activation of a $300 – 400 million quarry on Crown Land in British Columbia. 

MNLLP has had many cases reported in top legal publications, including the precedent setting, Marion v. Wawanesa (2004). This case was reported by the Dominion Law Reports, Western Weekly Reports and the Alberta Law Report because the Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench ruled in favour of an MN LLP client. This decision clarified the responsibilities of insurance companies with respects to the burden of proof and disclosure of records. Specifically, this case establishes when investigative reports must be produced by insurance companies who face a summary judgement application. This decision was confirmed on appeal, with additional commentary by the Court of Appeal on the use of hearsay evidence in responding to a summary judgment application.

As a result of the work of MNLLP, the rights of Plaintiffs to pursue their claims and losses has been enhanced with respect to the ongoing development of the law.  Kevin McGuigan is particularly pleased with the success obtained for clients in the exempt market investment loss claims, that have predominantly been advanced as class actions.