Kevin McGuigan and Byron Nelson are moving to different firms and MNLLP no longer exists.  

If you are looking for Kevin McGuigan, you may reach him at and his email is  Invictus LLP is a boutique law firm that provides a variety of services, including litigation and tax planning as well as tax settlements and disputes with respect to Canada Revenue Agency issues.  We look forward to assisting you in any regard.  The main contact number remains (403) 265-7744.

If you are looking for updates on any of the following Class Actions and/or Settlements, you may go to and you will be updated.  Platinum Equities, Keystone Business Park and/or Lakehouse.  If you were part of any other CBI investments, our class action update page will inform you.  All class action files moving with will be updated on that website in the future so we ask that you update your contact records accordingly.

If you are a current client of Kevin McGuigan, you may call him at 265-7737 (direct) (extension 303).  His email is

If you wish to speak to Kevin’s assistant, Jackie, please call her at (403) 265-7745 (extension 301).  Her email is

If you are an existing client of Byron Nelson, you may reach him at (403) 265-7729. You may email him at